The Meaning

Pushing myself to limitless understandings,

Driving my mind to meaningless “demandings,”

This is unheard of, unless you are an extraordinary human,

A one in a million individual,

It sells itself even without attention,

It’s naturalness is beyond recognition.

But are we capable of the reality it unfolds,

The strength it beholds,

The attitude of the onlookers, the beneficiaries,

How does it play off,

Who has the stand,

Who is represented and admonished,

The true story is never told.

5 Reasons Why It Took Me So Long to Start My Blog

  1. Fear– I feared starting and failing. I feared what people would say. Me- super mom of a teenage daughter and twin boys, wife to a husband with one of the toughest jobs known and teacher to third graders!  I must admit, my first blog entry has been ready for almost a year, just sitting in my google drive. FYI, this is not the entry I had intended to use, but I believed that I needed to share this story. If you want to take a leap of faith…just do it!
  2. Time– I felt like I was always busy and always putting my blog goals off. But in reality I am indeed very busy with my family and working. I have come to understand that the importance of balancing responsibilities and time is pivotal in my journey. I believe I am in a better place with balancing life as it comes. The journey continues.
  3. Over-researching– I became the researching guru of blogging. Everytime I told myself I was ready to begin my blog, I found some information that ‘needed more research.’ This trend became habitual and contributed to numerous delays in the process. I guess I was trying to find another excuse!
  4. Too many questions– Would it affect my name as a future published writer? Would I be still taken seriously? Then after researching many well published bloggers my questions changed to -Am I blog material? How do I maintain the integrity of my blog? How will I attract my target audience?
  5. Finding a specific niche- I have so many things I want to write about, so many things to say. This made it very difficult for me to identify my niche at first. I decided to ‘keep it real.’ My intentions are to share my experiences as a mom, wife and teacher with you. Enjoy the ride.