Let it Go!

Ever get that feeling you are a superhero without a cape, attempting to save the world with no particular super power! Maybe, I do possess some inner strength that leads me to believe this.  I can’t decipher…life’s happenings comes in droves. I feel compelled to take on the burdens of the world like they are all mine. Every invitation seems to have an inner conversation with me that eats away at every thought of saying no. I cannot make this one…LET IT GO!

I consider myself to be a ‘stand-up kinda-girl.’ I don’t wait around, I get up and do. I think about purpose and end results. I think about feelings and hurt. These attributes are derived from varied experiences from family relationships, lifelong friendships and just life. They have inadvertently contributed to my inability to LET IT GO and say no.’

Today, I have come to realize that I don’t always have to be that superhero and guess what it feels damn good! I just LET IT GO! I decided to utilize my rights of saying no sometimes, or delaying or putting off something that seemed like ‘life and death,’ but was actually just life. So when that superhero-like feeling overwhelms you, think twice and LET IT GO!

Charlia Moulton-Campbell


2 thoughts on “Let it Go!”

  1. Great piece and so true! Sometimes we really do think we should take on everything and that’s simply not true. Please keep the great content coming!

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